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How many UK fire alarm companies have installed a wireless fire alarm outside the UK? We have installed a wireless system for the world famous circus the Cirque du Soleil in Germany, Poland, Belgium and Singapore next month. See Video

Viridian Housing Association provides housing to 30,000 residents and have 16,000 homes. Fire System Ltd, has won the tender March 2015 for the safety fire equipment maintenance and repair. The contract covers the following disciplines: Fire Alarms, Emergency lighting, Extinguishers, fire doors, Hose Reels, Dry Risers, Signage and Smoke Ventilation Systems. See Video.

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Design specialist Installing and Maintainring all types of Fire Alarm Systems for over 20 years.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless Fire Alarms

The future is Wireless. Fire Systems Ltd is a Proven Specialist in this field. See Video.

Case Study Wireless

wireless fire alarms

How many UK Fire Alarm Companies can claim to have installed a Wireless System abroad? We have!

Fire Alarm Maintenance

fire alarm maintenance

Comprehensive Maintenance Service, backed up with a 24 hour Call-Out Attendance. See Video

Fire Risk Assessments

fire risk assessment

See our Video explaining the requirements of a Fire Risk Assessment.

Smoke Vents

Smoke Vents

We provide a Cost Effective Smoke Vent Solutions. See Video.

Fire Doors

Fire Doors

Make sure you have the correct Fire Door installed. This video shows the big difference between a Fire Door Vs UPVC

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression system

This video shows the commissioning test carried out by our engineer on a live Gasous suppression system.

How Old is this Fire Alarm Panel?

See our video of this very old fire alarm panel we came across while carrying out a service and maintenance. The panel must date back to around the 50’s, and was made by Electrical Engineers and consisted of mechanical parts and relays. Fire Alarms have come a long way in sixty five years. If you require an upgrade contact our office.

See testing of Wireless Fire Alarm

Within the leisure industry today, there are many large temporary structures that due to their size and complex structure the fire authorities will insist that a fire alarm to detect fire at an early stage and raise the alarm. For many having to wire in such a system is time consuming and labour intensive. However, the simple solution is a wireless system.

The benefits of Addressable Systems

What is an Addressable fire alarm system and is it right for you? What are the choices in today’s marketplace? When considering such questions, you need to seek the advice and expertise of a fire alarm specialist. We have been supplying and installing fire alarms for over 20 years. Whether it be Addressable or Conventional, Wired or Wireless.


Hyfire wireless systems is marketed and distributed by Sterling Safety Systems based in Honiley, in Warwickshire. The equipment entered the wireless UK market in 2006, and is compliant with the wireless European equipment product code EN54-25 Fire Systems Ltd has been installing Hyfire equipment since 2007, and have installed systems across Europe.

Electro Detectors

Electro Detectors based in the UK, in Harlow Essex, has been manufacturing wireless systems since 1972 and is considered one of the pioneers of wire free systems. The Zerio Plus is EDA’s compliant EN54-25 product and can claim to have the only true wireless control panel.

Neasden Deport Fire Alarm Case Study

Neasden train depot is the largest on London Underground. The depot had a major upgrade and new maintenance facilities for the new fleet of trains. See our case study showing Fire Systems involvement in the design, installation and commission of fire alarm point detection and Air Sampling Systems.

EMS - Smartcell

The UK is leading the way in the development of wireless fire alarm systems. Firex is a good place to see what will be coming onto the market. EMS the largest manufacture of wireless systems was showcasing their latest product soon to come onto the market, called the Smartcell.

Wireless Systems Grade Listed Properties

For many Grade listed or English Heritage properties, having to install a fire alarm can present a big challenge with the usual questions, how can this be achieved without damaging the building fabric and showing cables and containment. See video for the answer.

Fire Suppression System Overview

In a world with cloud based server technology, there are still many companies that keep their computer hardware under their control within their premises. To ensure the hardware is protected in the event of a fire within the computer room, a Gas Extinguishant Fire suppression systems is advisable to provide peace of mind.

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