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Fire Safety - 3rd Party Certification

3rd Party Certification

If you're a buyer of products and services, you most likely want to be certain that the goods or services you are buying is fit is suitable for the purpose it was intended. Should it fail, and there are no safety or financial penalties, you are not going to be that bothered. However, fire protection is all about safeguarding life and property. In addition, it's actually a legal necessity for the buyer of fire protection services to make sure that the individual or organisation undertaking the task is ‘competent’. Since the majority of people legally responsible for fire safety at premises as stated in the Fire Safety Order, are not likely to be professionals in fire safety, exactly how can they make certain that person or company they are employing is competent to carry out the work?

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Third Party Certification (TPC

Third Party Certification (TPC) is proof that a product or service keeps to certain principles. An independent assessor, the 3rd party, has evaluated the goods and services and can qualify it conforms to those standards. 3rd Party Certification can include the technical skills of what's being supplied, and yet it may also relate to the environmental, ethical as well as other qualities. This enables buyers to be certain that what they may be purchasing is ‘fit for purpose’ it was intended or that the company is competent to do the task. 


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