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As you can see, we have divided this area into various sections to make it easier to locate articles and information within a specific field.

Many people with limited knowledge of fire safety are finding themselves with a responsibility to ensure the people within their care are safe from fire.  Many will have little or no training and therefore, will turn to the web for information. Our blog will provide users with unbiased information and videos, whether you are researching the best fire alarm for your needs, what type of fire extinguisher is required and where, what is a fire suppression system and is it really required for a computer server room, or what is the most cost effective solution to an issue following your fire risk assessment.

As you will know, no industry stands still and this is the same for fire protection. With the continual changes in fire regulations, the fast moving pace of technology enabling new fire safety products to enter the market and non-compliant products having to leave, the end user will need to source unbiased information and this is the aim of our blog.

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