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Optical beam smoke detection

Beam Detection

Optical beam smoke detectors are in a fact, a line form of smoke sensing detectors. They consist of an illumination source (quite often functioning at infrared wavelengths) along with a receiver. The pair can be divided or simply encased inside of a single device, whereby reflectors are utilized to reflect light coming from the transmitter returning to the affiliated receiver. 

The Principle of their Operation is simple

Optical beam sensors work by means of sensing the obscuration within the source of light that develops inside the existence of the smoke. Many optical beam detectors additionally now have the capability  to recognize temperature by means of differentiation inside this indicative index of light (“shimmer effect”) which evolves at strong mixtures involving hot and cold air.

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Fire detection is made easy when using our optical beam smoke detection products

Line-type smoke detectors (‘beam detectors’) utilize a light source in a straight line (usually within the infrared section of the spectrum). A transmitter and receiver device are usually positioned upon opposition wall structure, which usually, can be anything up to 100 m in distance. In many systems, usually used for comparatively modest locations, the transmitter and receiver could be encased within a single device, and the light source is reflected from a comparatively small-scale inactive reflector. Some kinds of beam detector will also be developed to react to temperature disturbance, which, in essence, would make these types of detectors dual heat and smoke detectors.

Beam Detectors can prove to be a cost effective solution.

Beam detectors may possibly turn out to be cost-effective for fire cover involving good sized, open areas, for example ; industrial environments ., so long as the actual transmitter and receiver can be securely fastened to sound fabrication, and on the understanding that the beam will not be hidden by, for instance, fork lift trucks. Beam detectors may also be useful in situations in which a ceiling-mounted detector could be unacceptable, e.g. historic buildings.



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