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Fire Alarm Addressable

What is an Addressable Fire Alarm system?

Some of your may of heard of the term “Addressable” when discussing fire alarm systems. For those not in the fire industry this term may be alien to them. So let’s explain this term “Addressable” in more detail.

Addressable Systems have a LCD or Similar Display

An addressable system is a fire alarm control panel that has an LCD display. In normal condition as shown on the video, the display will usually show the time, date, information how to access the panel and in this example, the name of the fire alarm company.

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Devices are easier to locate when using this type of System.

In the event of an activated device, whether it be a smoke detector or as shown in the video a manual call point, the display will identify the location of the activated device. If you look closely, you will see the text being displayed is “Main Entrance”.

The illuminated red LED, just beneath the display will provide additional zone information, in this case zone 6. The zone information is very important to the fire and rescue services who will not be familiar with the building. Adjacent the fire alarm control panel will be a zone chart, listing the zone information.

If you have a large building with many devices, an addressable system will assist you greatly locating the activated device or the location of the fire.

Addressable systems have the added programming ability, not only to insert the text messages you see on the display, but also to programme relay outputs capable of closing automatic fire doors, shutting gas valves, calling the fire and rescue services, disabling the lifts during a fire activation, operating smoke dampers and many more automatic features. All this can be programmed using a laptop into an addressable system.

Is an addressable system right for you?

The main thing to consider when answering this question, is the following:

  1. How large is the building.
  2. Will there be many devices on the system.
  3. Will many of these devices have restricted access or be in rooms that are locked.
  4. Does the fire alarm have to shut down or operate many external pieces of equipment around the building, such as: fire doors, lifts. Gas shutdown, Smoke dampers etc.

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, an addressable system should be your preferred choice.

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The advancement in today’s technology is allowing for the next generation of fire alarm panels intelligent enough to protect the buildings of the future. For independent advice on addressable fire alarm systems why not contact our office on 020 8541 5646


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