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Automatic Door Closures

Fire doors have a very important job when it comes to keeping a fire contained within a fire zone compartment. Leaving a door open, compromises the safety of the occupants.

Making sure the fire doors close when the fire alarm activates is an important part of fire compartmentation.

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Dorgard is the easy way to keep fire doors open

Ensuring your fire doors remain close is a legal requirement, but most of all it saves lives.

However, it is not always pratical to have your fire doors closed at all times. Closed fire doors can restrict access for staff wheeling equipment through corridors, for the eldering and can restrict air flow throughtout the building, plus there are many more examples.

You can legally keep the fire door open as long as it will close automatically in the event of activation of the fire alarm system. Fire Systems Ltd, has assisted many of their clients overcome this problem by supplying and installing a Dorgard Fire Door Retainer. Dorgard is a cost effective method of enabling you to keep your fire doors



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