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Intumescent Strip & Smoke Seals

Following a fire risk assessment on your property or premises, you may have to fit some intumescent strips or cold seals on your fire doors.

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Intumescent Strip and Smoke Seals

An intumescent seal is fitted to the top and sides of a door and will, in the event of a fire, expand and seal the gaps around the door to provide an effective barrier to fire and hot gases, similarly the reason for the smoke seal is to prevent smoke from passing the door in the early stages of a fire.

When installing an intumescent strip, an electric router is required and the router bit must be of the same size to match the width of the strip you are intending on fitting.

Cut the intumescent strip to the length to match the door height. Intumescent strips usually have a peel off section on the back edge which reveals an adhesive surface. This secures the strip within the groove created. However, you must ensure the groove is free from dust, dirt or grease before inserting the strip within the groove.

The intumescent strips are usually fitted to the two edges of the door and the top.

Once the smoke seal has been fitted you should ensure that if the door is self-closing, with an automatic door closer, that the door closes fully into the frame. Often you will find that the door will not pass the newly installed smoke seal and fully latch. You should adjust the door closer accordingly to overcome the smoke seal.

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