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During the next decade, analysis predicts that the UK fire protection equipment market would have increased by about 12.2%.

The fire protection equipment sector can be categorised into two significant sectors: fire alarm and detection systems; and fire suppression equipment and materials. Fire-alarms and detection systems comprise of reactive fire protection products and systems, while fire-extinguishing products incorporate portable fire extinguishers, fixed fire suppression systems, fire hoses and the substances utilized in putting out and suppression equipment and systems.

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The fate of the fire protection market in the UK depends largely on the performance of the construction industry, which has suffered a difficult period in recent years. The fire safety industry relies on the new construction projects, maintenance, and repair of current buildings (i.e. refurbishments) to produce sales. These tough economic times and the drawn out recovery, has led to a downturn in construction output throughout the UK, and this has an impact on the fire protection market.

In addition, the industry is also really developed: fire safety equipment has been compulsory in the majority of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as the communal areas of multiple-occupancy properties, such as; flats and maisonettes, for a quite some time now. Subsequently, many buildings which generally would require fire protection equipment currently have it installed.

Nevertheless, legal guidelines, regulations and industry standards are a dominant force throughout the fire protection marketplace and they still have huge influence within the direction of the industry. For instance the Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Measure 2011, that legislates for the introduction of fire sprinklers within residential properties as a means of avoiding fatalities and minimizing injury amongst householders and firefighters. This kind of legislation and current regulations would suggest that the fire protection equipment will continue to be in demand and this has avoided an even worse decline into negative growth, which would have usually occurred because of the size and the decline of the construction sector.

Developments in technology - which includes hypoxic air and water mist technology; laser/infrared  smoke detectors; voice evacuation  systems; wireless fire alarm systems and the escalating integration of fire protection into building management systems - will continuously deliver the fire protection sector with a good level of growth, for quite a while.

Post Date: 24/10/2014


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