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Apollo Fire Detectors

The Xpander Wireless Fire Alarm Product.

Apollo Fire Detectors a leading fire detection manufacturer now has a wireless product in their portfolio called the Xpander

Are the leading fire detection manufacturers going wireless?

Apollo Fire Detectors has been manufacturing detectors since 1980. It is now one of the top five companies in the world for designing and manufacturing fire detection products.

For thirty years Apollo has only produced wired fire protection equipment. However, as many fire alarm manufacturers, including Apollo, are beginning to realize, not only is there a place for wireless technology within the field of fire detection but looking ahead, wireless systems could be the future.

Many fire protection manufacturers are developing, testing and bringing to the market a wireless product. At the last count, I counted 12 wireless fire alarm products or systems within the UK market alone. Manufacturers such as Apollo have reacted to this shift in the demand for wireless products and have teamed up with EMS and brought to the market the Xpander Wireless range.

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