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Case Studies

The videos within this section have been put together to show the many wireless fire alarm systems installed by Fire Systems Ltd.

We have focused on designing and installing wireless systems since 2005 and have installed hundreds of systems in all types of buildings and applications as shown in the videos.

From Schools, Historic Sites, Museums, Grade Listed Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Residential Apartments, Art Studios, Temporary Structures, and many more building types.

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When installing a wireless system, it is advisable to use a company that can demonstrate that they are a specialist in this field and supply quality wireless equipment compliant to the wireless equipment code EN54-25.

Many people are making the mistake of employing companies with little or no experience installing wireless systems, and they end up with a system that is continually giving them problems.

You need a specialist company that can design the system, install it to the manufacturer's specifications and on completion, offer a maintenance package to ensure the system continues to operate fault free throughout its lifetime.

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