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Electro Detectors

Electro Detectors Ltd is located in offices and factory that were purposely built in Essex, Harlow.  As a company, we take great pride in the product design and high quality of our equipment, especially as it is all manufactured and designed right here in the UK.

Established in 1972 Electro Detectors produce and distribute the equipment through a dedicated network of fire alarm companies throughout the UK, who have advanced radio fire detection and alarm systems skills.

Fire Systems is a Wireless fire alarm Specialist.

We supply, carry out the complete installation and provide of all types of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems.

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Manufacturing Wireless Fire Alarms since 1988

Wireless fire alarm detection first came onto the market during the early 1980's. During that time, countless National Trust and English Heritage buildings, in addition to dwellings that were owned privately, who were seriously looking for a replacement for traditionally hardwired fire alarms considering the difficulties as well as disruption in which this type of fire alarm would bring.

Since 1988 our company has been developing and manufacturing radio fire alarms, also commonly known as Wireless systems,  that you can now get purchase throughout the UK. We have now gone further afield into parts of Europe and Scandinavia. Our company has been attributed to being the first to bring to the market a radio sounder and also the first manufacturer to produce a mixed sounder/detector. Our radio systems are entirely intelligent/addressable which enables it to provide protection for just about every application, this could be from a small private residence to a much larger system in advance of 3000 devices.

Cellular phone technology throughout the last 10 years has produced massive advancements when it comes to radio technology. As a result, this has allowed Electro-Detectors to enhance our product range both in operation and design.

During 2005 we released the  Zerio range. This unique modest 8 zone fire alarm panel was able to communicate with 99 devices and turned out to be very successful with our installers and end users, the Zerio system offered an affordable alternative for the small sized installation. With the arrival of new European Products standard the (EN54-25) the Zerio radio system needed to be redeveloped and  during June 2011 we released our newest Wireless fire alarm the Zerio Plus, as the name indicates this has many of the best functions within the  Zerio System and quite a few of the latest features intended to satisfy the requirement of the latest standard. The Zerio Plus fire alarm is fully EN54 Certified,

Considering all the advantages that radio has to offer - for example; negligible interruption as well as very quick installation time, our wire-free systems provide an ideal alternative.

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