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Electro Detectors Zerio Plus EN54

The Wireless Fire Alarm the Zerio Plus from Electro Detectors has achieved Third Party Certification to EN54 Part 25.

Right up to date. This is the Zerio Plus System. This is a fully EN54 certified product. It's available in an eight, a 20 or a 100 zone panel, and a single system has the capacity for the maximum of 240 devices per system. You can network systems together. Again, the networking is all done completely wire-free, as well. So, as with all of our systems, we believe, at the moment, it's one of the only stand alone wireless fire alarm systems on the market. If you don't want any cabling at all, then this is the system to choose. There's only 240 volt mains power supply to the control panels and any signal boosters that are required.

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Obviously, with the advent of an EN54 part 25 and then the construction product regulations which followed shortly afterwards, every manufacture of a wireless fire alarm product had to have their product third party. Electro Detectors choose Intertek... It's a third party test house based in Leatherhead in Surrey to do our testing. I'm pleased to say we passed. I believe we're one of the only wireless fire alarm companies to actually put through a main control panel and get it passed. A lot of the other companies have used an alternative solution, a hybrid solution. So, we're quite proud of that fact. And here's the certificate.

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