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Hochiki FireWave Wireless Fire Alarm


The FireWave Wireless Fire Alarm Product from Hochiki.

One of the biggest fire detection manufacturers has joined the Wireless fire alarm market with its product called the FireWave.

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Following Apollo’s fire detection entrance into the wireless fire alarm market with the Xpander, Hochiki have launch their product the FireWave.

However, just as Apollo sourced their product from an existing fire alarm manufacturer EMS, Hochiki has sourced their product from Argus – Hyfire. The product looks and behaves exactly as the Hyfire wireless range, but whereas Hyfire operates on Argus protocol,

The FireWave, is a not a full wireless fire alarm system, but is designed to be used as a Hybrid. The wireless unit called the translator wires directly onto the detection circuit, and must have Hochiki protocol.

The Translator can handle 32 radio devices and is housed in an IP68.

The FireWave is compliant with EN54-25 and operates of 868Mhz.

The fact that two of the biggest detection manufactures have seen the need to get involved in the wireless sector, lets you know how far wireless fire alarms have progressed.

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