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Hyfire Libra Wireless Detector

The Hyfire range of wireless fire alarm equipment distributed throughout the UK by Sterling Safety Systems, is bringing out a new wireless detector called the “Libra”.

This new detector has advanced features including a dual angle optical sensor, an increased battery life from 5 to 10 years and improved radio signal performance, and all these improvements are within in an attractive low profile device.  

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The dual angle optical receivers utilise both front and back-scattered light, this ensures the detector can be set to the highest levels of sensitivity for real fires, whilst maintaining the best possible immunity to unwanted alarms from environmental criteria such as steam, insects and dust.

An important feature of this new detector, is the improved battery life from 5 to a 10 years, this will greatly appeal to system designers and end users when considering a wireless system.

However, the wireless sounders are still at a 3 year battery replacement time period due to the required additional monitoring and output power required to drive the sounders in alarm.

Another important feature is the improved radio signal performance, allowing the devices to be installed at greater distances from the Translators and the Expanders.

We have not been given a date when the new Libra detector will be available, but we have been informed that it is coming out soon.

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