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How would you define a specialist?

It is defined, as a person who focuses on a particular activity and is highly skilled in that field.

When referring to Fire Alarms, how many companies can say that they are a specialist in wireless systems? I would say not many. If you review the websites of many of these companies, you will observe that the supply and installation of wireless systems is an add-on to their specialist field of wired systems. Some may ask the question, how much of a difference is there between the installation of a wired and wireless system? Well, your average installer, including an electrician is usually capable of wiring and commissioning a small conventional system. When it comes to installing an addressable wired system, your average installer mentioned above will struggle; but I would expect, a professional fire alarm installer to install such a system. However, the same fire alarm professional even though skilled in installing a wired addressable system, will not necessarily be able to install a wireless system.

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To install a wireless system, you must have had the required training by the equipment manufacturer, the radio signal strength survey kit and have many years experience installing wireless systems in different types of buildings.

For many fire alarm companies, because wireless is not their main line of work, they will only receive the odd request to install a system and rely on the equipment manufacturer to carry out the radio survey, advise on the design and installation. This leaves the client in a precarious position should any issues arise, as the installer does not know enough about the system or wireless, in general, to tailor the system to the client's building requirements.

Fire Systems Ltd, has been installing wireless systems for over ten years and focus primarily on wireless systems. Why not view the video case studies to see many of our installations.

Wireless Fire Alarm System Installation Case Studies

The video reviews the sites in the following order.

Pall Mall

This building contained offices, an apartment on the upper levels and an art gallery on the ground floor. The fire alarm had to be installed within a three day time period. The building had five floors including a basement. The main contractor concluded that due to a working window of three days a wireless fire alarm was the only viable option.


Wireless fire alarms in hotels are becoming a popular choice with hoteliers. This is due to the ability to install a system without the hotel losing rooms during the installation and minimal disruption to the operation of the hotel. Some hotels still do not have an addressable fire alarm, but a zone conventional. Locating an activated detector can be time-consuming and of great inconvenience to the guest.

Schools & Colleges:

Many schools and colleges benefit from the installation of wireless fire alarms due to the speed at which a wireless system can be fitted. Educational buildings usually require a fire alarm to be fitted during the school holiday period. With large systems, the majority of the work can be carried out prior to the installers attending site, such as programming the text messages and any cause and effects. Therefore, a large system can be fitted in days, as appose to weeks or months.

Churches & Museums

Due to the very nature of these structures, having very thick walls, decorative brickwork, and no cavities, it is very difficult to install cables for equipment such as fire alarms. Wired systems can be installed, but wiring and containment would be clearly visible. Due to the very nature of the building being on public display, having the cables on site, needs to be avoided at all cost. Wireless fire alarms provide the solution. Fire Systems Ltd, has installed systems in these types of buildings, especially as the buildings have large open spaces, making wireless fire alarm a viable option.

Temporary Structures

As bigger and larger temporary structures are built for entertainment, construction, exhibitions, and leisure, these structures required fire protection in accordance with the relevant fire codes. Therefore, in many instances, a fire alarm will be required. Attempting to wire such structures can be time-consuming and having wires trailing across rooms and buildings is unsightly and can be a hazard. Opting for a wireless fire alarm provides the freedom to place devices in the correct location and quickly.

Furthermore, on completion of the function, the wireless system can be decommissioned and used again at the next event. This provides the client with a cost effective way to provide the required fire protection on an on-going basis. Fire Systems Ltd, provided such a solution for a large village used to house the cleaning staff at the 2012 Olympics. We installed wireless smoke detection with Sounders in some 160 cabins, used as sleeping accommodation. The wireless fire alarm also protected peripheral buildings such as leisure, laundry, first aid, and offices. All the wireless detection when back to an on-site security office.

This concludes the brief summary of the types of sites, we have installed wireless systems. If you require a quotation on a system, why not contact us by phone on 020 8541 5646 or complete our contact page on our website Fire Systems Ltd, carry out fire alarm servicing on all types for fire alarm equipment

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