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Looking for a Career Move?

Fire Systems Ltd is a Fire Alarm company which is continuing to increase in size; however, to maintain this trend and level of service that we provide, we will need good personnel.

Not only are we determined to enhance the product quality and cost, but more significant is the quality of the employees that supply our services.

Experience is not Required

Almost all of the job opportunities being publicized from the industry of Fire safety, will be requesting the job candidate have some experience, of a minimum of 2 years. However, we at Fire Systems have a different view, our approach is as long as the individual has a good electrical or electronic history, or worked within the electrical field, we are prepared to train the person, as well as place them on the relevant courses. 

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Training and Support is the Key

Almost all, of our engineers have come from outside the fire safety industry, and have re-trained to become first class fire alarm engineers.

Fire Systems Ltd, philosophy is to try and find the right individual and turning them into our own home grown fire alarm engineer. We make a commitment to our people and this involves development and training.

Do you have the right Attributes?

When selecting an application for a job position the important attributes needed are as follows: smart, thorough, an inner drive, polite, honest and works well within a team. If you believe this profile is you and you're seeking a career change or job opportunity, then why don't you get in touch with our offi

ce. This is not to say we are not also seeking experienced qualified fire alarm engineers.

Are you a Subcontractor?

There is also work for reliable fire alarm subcontractors that fit our work profile.

If you'd like to go over the job prospects at Fire Systems Ltd, phone our office or fill out the contact form.


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